Here’s Why You Need a Waterproof mp3 Player for Your Next Vacation

Most people who like adventuring enjoy listening to music because it enables them to relax and also to concentrate on their activities. In addition, music has also being used as a stress reliever or remedy for boredom during a vacation.

Playing the music requires an mp3 player that can withstand the environmental conditions that you want to listen to the music in. However, not all mp3 players can withstand harsh conditions like rainy weather because of they, not waterproof.

Some people would like to listen to music when they are diving, swimming, fishing or even when they are showering while not all the gadgets that can allow that.

A suitable mp3 player should have the following features that include:

Water resistant – the device should not be damaged if water from rain or any other water splashes on it.

Water repellent– the device should contain a coating that enables it to repel the water.

Waterproof- this is the essential feature you should look in any mp3 player before purchasing it because when a device is waterproof, no water can penetrate the device and cause a damage whatever the conditions it’s in. The device is equipped with special kind of seals that make it withstand water pressure and a hydrophobic coating.


• It’s stylish and fancy and you will be proud owning it.
• It’s 100% waterproof such that they can be submerged up to 3 meters in water without getting damaged.
• They can work with any file format with the mp3 and the WMA file formats.
• Also, it has a clip attachment that enables you to attach them.
• Further, it has a rechargeable battery that enables you to charge it once the battery runs low. Mostly, when the battery is fully charged, it can last up to 8 hours that enabling you to enjoy the music.
• It can hold 4GB data meaning you can store quite a very large number of mp3 files hence you can enjoy a variety of the music.
• Some have FM radio, stopwatch and even a pedometer that enables you to enjoy more services apart from the music.


• While a non-waterproof mp3 player is so fairly cheap, the waterproof mp3 player is expensive.
• Also, due to its ability to only support mp3 files, it’s a must you convert your given files to mp3 for compatibility. In the process, you waste a lot of time as you convert.
• Lastly, there is always room for improvement. Some mp3 players’ sound quality has a room for improvement.

Recommendable devices

1. Supershop 4GB Waterproof mp3 player

This mp3 player has more features apart from just mp3 playing. This is a perfect device for those people who need to enjoy swimming or even showering. It has FM radio in case you get bored listening to music. Also, it offers IPX8 resistance to water hindering it from damaging in case it gets wet.

2. Arena swimming waterproof mp3 pro

This is a perfect device for those people who don’t mind spending a little extra when looking for quality waterproof mp3 players. It’s compatible with iTunes that enables easier files transfer. Also, its battery lasts up to 15 hours when fully charged. Moreover, it has additional features such as FM radio, stopwatch, and a pedometer.

3. Aerb 4G waterproof mp3 music player


Finally, we have Aerb 4G which is an affordable device that is interestingly stylish and 100% water resistant. It’s a suitable device for vigorous activities like exercising and swimming you should consider purchasing it.