How to paint the outside of your house flawlessly

Deciding to paint the exterior of your house is a massive endeavor in itself, so if you do choose to go through with it, you need to make sure you are ready to complete this task perfectly. There are a couple of steps to consider before whipping out the paint sprayers, rollers, and brushers, so pay attention when people say you shouldn’t simply paint over your current paint layer and be done with it. Here we break down all you need to know to achieve the perfect look on your dream house, so keep reading to find out how to come up with a flawless painted exterior.

Wash and restore damaged surfaces

The walls of your house can get surprisingly dirty, although it shouldn’t be that surprising considering they are literally your home’s defense against the elements along with the roof above your head. Before applying a new coat of paint and doing renovations in general, you should make sure the walls in their current state are washed and thoroughly checked for any damage that might have come upon them over the last couple of years. Repair the outside of your house by sealing any cracks and remove any residues to make the surfaces you will be painting as smooth as possible.

Primer your exterior to ensure a quality finish

Using a paint primer is a key part of the process, since applying this product all over the walls and other surfaces of your house’s exterior will protect the underlying materials more than if you just apply paint directly. Buying the best primer available at the store will also guarantee that you’ll be painting on a smooth surface for sure. The restoration process is purely functional, while applying a coat of primer is both functional and aesthetic to avoid any noticeable cracks and holes that will be even more noticeable with a new, clean color.

Start painting with care and enjoy your new house!

Now, before the fun part finally starts, you need to have made a color choice you’re sure you can live with. Often you select a color from a palette that looks great at the store, but once you apply it on your walls you notice you didn’t like it that much and end up getting disappointed after so much hard work. To ensure color fidelity on the finished product, you can apply a base layer of white paint if your budget allows it. This will make your color of choice look more true to its actual tone once it’s on your walls.

On top of that, painting a house is no quick job, so make sure you have all your implements ready and that you buy some good exterior paint. Research what would work best for you in terms of paint applying gear, and if you have never painted anything before, at least make sure to test how you would do it on any old plank or board you have at your disposal. It should be noted, though, that if you don’t feel like it you can always hire professionals to do it for you.